A good number of people make the mistake of taking drugs indiscriminately. They do not involve their health provider, and eventually they develop complicated health conditions.

One of the reasons for this is, people already know the benefits of the drugs they want to take, so there is this willpower to make decisions for themselves by taking the drugs. And the sad part is, a good number of people do not stick to the normal prescription.

It is either they take more than expected, or they take below what is needed.  

In addition to this, one of the major reasons why people do not listen to their health provider is because they enjoy abusing the drug. Now, there are some drugs which give some exhilarating feeling, and when they are used in excess, the reward system of the brain is triggered.

These drugs have been notably identified and when people need these “feelings”, they go for the drugs not minding if it is safe or not.

Hence, this is why people get addicted to drugs. When you continue abusing drugs for a long period of time, addiction sets in fully and this becomes a risky stage.

One of the best ways to counter this is to reduce the popularity of over-the-counter drugs. Usually, the drugs that are abused are sold over-the-counter. So, people would rather go there and get drugs instead of going to the hospital to seek proper advice on the medications to use.

It is crucial to note that there are some drugs that destroy the liver and other important organs if they are not properly used. However, with your healthcare provider, this will be avoided because you will be given proper guidance on how to use drugs appropriately.

Conclusively, listening to your health provider means that you are ready to give your health top priority. With this, you are certain that you cannot be a victim of any form of addiction, particularly drug addiction.

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